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Automatic Solar Powered Pool Skimmer


Automatic Solar Powered Pool Skimmer

☀️ Solar-Powered Efficiency: Utilizing 100% solar power, this pool skimmer automatically and continuously cleans the water surface, removing debris like animal hairs, leaves, dust, pollen, and dead insects. Say goodbye to manual cleaning and hello to hassle-free maintenance.

🔄 Ultrasonic Radar Technology: Equipped with four water depth bumper rods and ultrasonic radar, the Betta SE senses obstacles and reroutes itself to ensure thorough cleaning of your entire pool. No spot is left untouched.

🔧 Enhanced Core Durability: Featuring re-engineered twin Salt Chlorine Tolerant (SCT) Motors, this pool skimmer is more reliable, responsive, and energy-efficient. Whether you have a freshwater or saltwater pool, expect excellent cleaning performance every time.

🗑️ Easy Debris Disposal: The Betta SE comes with a large fine-mesh debris basket with a convenient top handle. Simply dock the skimmer, open the cover, and remove the basket for quick and easy debris disposal. No need to remove the skimmer from the water.

🌞 UV Resistant Design: With special UV-resistant coating and materials, this pool skimmer is built to withstand the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, ensuring long-lasting durability and protection against damage.

🛡️ Warranty Assurance: Enjoy peace of mind with a 1-year warranty, allowing you to bid farewell to manual pool cleaning and instead, relax and enjoy your pool without the hassle of long cables getting in the way.


Customer reviews

10 reviews for Automatic Solar Powered Pool Skimmer

  1. P*****a

    I absolutely adore my Betta, and I rarely write reviews, but this product truly deserves the praise. It excels in various aspects that are crucial to me. Firstly, it’s lightweight, sparing my back from the strain caused by my robotic pool cleaner, which focuses on the pool floor. Cleaning and emptying the filter are a breeze. As the leaves began falling into the pool, the Betta has proven itself, maintaining a pristine appearance effortlessly.

    While it might not always have the most robust suction, it effectively captures nearly everything in its path. Even if it misses something on the first pass, it tends to pick it up on subsequent rounds. I leave it in for hours, and it quietly and efficiently does its job. Retrieving it from the pool is an easy task. The solar charging feature is a game-changer; no more dealing with the hassle of charging and coordinating with my pool robot cleaner.

    And, let me tell you, there’s a serene quality to watching it quietly navigate the pool that pleasantly surprised me. Clearly, I’m a devoted fan. It adeptly handles all the unsightly debris floating on the surface. The investment was well worth it, considering the clear improvement in my pool’s cleanliness. Take a look at the attached picture—that was in the filter basket. Betta truly delivers. While I haven’t needed to use the remote much, I can confidently say, thanks to Betta, I now enjoy swimming in pristine waters!

  2. B****k

    Surrounded by numerous trees near my pool, the skimmers and an aging auto pool cover struggled to clear debris effectively. Faced with a long wait for cover repairs, I opted for this solar-powered solution, and it’s been fantastic! Its autonomous nature is a major plus. Occasionally, it gets stuck on steps due to low water levels, but the adjustable legs prevent that. Weekly maintenance involves cleaning the bin and giving it a thorough scrub.

    With abundant trees, the filter bin may need more frequent cleaning during windy periods. The skimmer adeptly removes oils from sunscreen and body products, and we often use a scum ball in the filter bin for added efficiency. Even during long summer days, the solar-powered battery lasts well into the night. After 4 months, it’s proven to be a worthwhile investment.

    I also purchased a corded pool vacuum for the pool’s bottom and sides, while this skimmer handles the top. Together, they maintain a beautifully clean pool with crystal-clear water. However, it’s advisable to remove the skimmer during swimming, as the filter basket contents can easily spill if the water gets splashed around.

    Highly recommended for those without an auto cover or those who leave it off frequently, but perhaps less essential for those consistently using a pool cover.

  3. O****h

    This compact machine is truly a workhorse! It has completely transformed the appearance and cleanliness of our pool. Surrounded by oak and palm trees, we used to contend with a constant layer of debris on the pool’s surface, be it pollen from palms or leaves from oaks. Skimming before a swim was routine.

    Since acquiring this little marvel, I no longer have to manually skim the pool, and it consistently looks pristine. Honestly, it might just be the best purchase I’ve made. Our pool stays clean, and I wish I had discovered this product years ago. It has made a significant difference in our pool’s appearance, and this tireless worker never stops! As a business owner for over 20 years, I humorously compare it to the best employee I’ve ever had – no payroll, taxes, sick days, or complaints.

    Being solar-operated, it occasionally takes a break on cloudy days, but those are rare in Southern California. Even in less than ideal weather, it still operates efficiently, not requiring full sun for charging. The durability is impressive; since August 2023, it continues to run flawlessly.

    If you have a pool, this product is a must-have! It effortlessly keeps the pool’s surface free from leaves, dust, dirt, and pollen. Jumping into a pool with a perfectly spotless surface is a much more enjoyable experience than having to manually skim it. For a consistently clean pool, investing in this remarkable machine is highly recommended.

  4. K***l

    Betta, where have you been all my life? This is hands down one of the best purchases I’ve made on Amazon. It has spared me from the tedious task of skimming my pool multiple times a day, and my pool has never been this clean. Betta excels in capturing even the smallest debris that typically slips through my skimmer net. Its continuous day and night operation prevents much from sinking to the pool bottom, reducing the need for daily vacuuming.

    Since introducing Betta to my pool two months ago, it has performed flawlessly, becoming an indispensable part of my pool maintenance routine. I opted for the 3-year extended warranty, though I haven’t encountered any issues so far. I only take it out of the pool when swimming or for occasional basket cleaning. Cleaning the basket is a breeze – a quick spray with a garden hose does the trick. I usually do this daily but could easily stretch it to every 2 or 3 days.

    The solar-powered feature is a game-changer; no need to plug it in for charging. As the days shorten, I’ve noticed the green lights flashing red in the morning. During this time, it operates a bit slower until the sun charges it back to full power with green lights. While it may seem a bit pricey, the time and effort saved in cleaning my pool make it worth every penny. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase – only regret is not getting it sooner.

  5. R*****a

    The skimmer arrived in perfect condition, and its delivery was surprisingly faster than anticipated. It’s a dream to use, especially considering our previous four attempts with an alternative product that lasted no more than two weeks each before failing. While those were replaced without issue, the downtime without a skimmer ranged from 8 to 12 weeks each time. So far, we are extremely pleased, and the unit operates remarkably quietly.

  6. J****b

    Dealing with a leak in our underground pool lines right after the concrete was laid, I had to temporarily reroute the intake and return lines above ground. With the return line now leading to a waterfall, I needed an effective solution to skim the pool since the skimmer was detached. Although this skimmer was a bit more expensive than I initially intended to spend, it has proven to be a perfect solution. It saved me from the hassle of breaking up concrete and repairing the lines. Surprisingly, it performs even better than the built-in skimmer ever did.

    The solar charging feature works seamlessly, keeping the skimmer running well into the night, and I’ve never observed it losing power. It’s been a worthwhile investment in maintaining the cleanliness of the pool under unexpected circumstances.

  7. M******e

    Our recent purchase of this item for our new pool has surpassed our expectations. Setting it up was a breeze, and it excels at skimming up all the little bugs and debris that accumulate on the pool’s surface. I highly recommend it. Since its arrival, I haven’t needed to use our manual skimmer at all!

  8. K***y

    This product lives up to its advertising claims. It works exceptionally well, effectively covering the entire pool. The surface of my pool has never been this clean. With two large Great Pyrenees dogs that shed a substantial amount daily, my pool used to accumulate a considerable amount of floating hair. However, this little robot has completely transformed the situation. After just one day of use, it has eliminated every bit of debris. It performs impressively well.

  9. D****n

    Living in Phoenix, AZ, where summer heat reigns supreme, our pool is a vital oasis. With its irregular shape, including coved seating, steps, and a tanning ledge, I prioritize keeping it clean. Our neighbors’ tall Silk Oak trees contribute to a constant influx of troublesome leaves due to the prevailing breeze.

    I received the Betta SE 2023 on July 7, 2023, placed it in the pool, and it began its cleaning journey. I absolutely LOVE THIS DEVICE! It effortlessly navigates the entire surface, addressing any trapped areas by backing up a few feet and executing a turn to avoid entanglements. Upon observation, it became apparent that this backward movement and turn are incorporated into its logic at regular intervals, serving as a preventive measure to avoid potential traps and potentially cover more pool surface. I appreciate this feature immensely.

    The skimmer boasts a large, easily cleanable basket, and its lightweight design with a user-friendly handle adds to its convenience.

  10. G****a

    Dealing with a 50-year-old in-ground pool and an underperforming built-in skimmer, I’ve experimented with various add-ons, achieving moderate success but still battling small particles and bugs on the surface.

    Enter the robot skimmer, and it’s a game-changer. Operating at a slow, constant pace solely on solar power, it has enough battery life to endure through the night. The surface of my pool has never been cleaner.

    Even with maple leaves dropping helicopter seeds in recent weeks, the Betta skimmer manages to keep up, consistently surprising me with the amount it collects in the basket during each emptying. The true extent of debris it picks up becomes evident when you see the crystal-clear pool surface after emptying the basket.

    The build quality is more than satisfactory. Its lightweight design makes it easy to pull out of the pool, and the basket’s capacity is impressive, offering easy emptying and hosing off.

    Addressing some negative reviews, patience is key. Allowing the skimmer to work for 24 hours revealed remarkable results, showcasing the device’s effectiveness in maintaining a clear water surface.

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Table of Contents

Revolutionize Pool Cleaning with the Solar Powered Pool Skimmer

Wondering if a solar powered pool skimmer is the right choice for your swimming pool? These innovative devices harness solar energy to keep your pool free of debris, reducing the need for manual cleaning and electricity. We break down their functionality, assess the benefits, and compare popular models to help you make an informed decision on this smart pool cleaning solution.

The Future of Pool Cleaning: Solar Powered Pool Skimmers

The outdated method of hand-skimming a pool is swiftly being replaced by the futuristic technology of solar powered pool skimmers. These innovative devices, such as the Betta SE and Solar Breeze Ariel, are changing the face of pool maintenance by providing a more efficient and eco-friendly way to keep our pools clean. They work by continuously skimming the pool surface, preventing debris from sinking and causing bacteria and algae growth. This constant top-down cleaning method is the most effective way to maintain a clean pool, thereby making solar skimmers a top choice for pool owners.

Solar powered pool skimmers represent a new era in pool cleaning, far beyond being just a trend. They are a smart investment for any pool owner, offering benefits that include cost savings, reduced need for manual skimming, and a cleaner, healthier pool. As they continue to gain popularity, it’s clear that solar powered pool skimmers are paving the way for a new era in pool maintenance.

Benefits of Solar Power

Harnessing the power of the sun, solar pool skimmers offer an eco-friendly cleaning method that utilizes renewable energy. This means that devices like the Betta SE operate fully on solar power, eliminating the need for grid electricity, and enhancing water cleanliness by filtering surface particles. This not only makes solar skimmers a green choice but also a cost-effective one.

Solar pool skimmers provide significant cost savings by reducing the need to run pool pumps as frequently, decreasing chemical usage, and extending the life of other pool cleaning equipment. By optimizing the pool pump usage, these energy-efficient devices contribute to lower energy costs, resulting in long-term savings and efficient operation.

Solar pool skimmers, powered by the sun, deliver an efficient pool cleaning solution for various pool surfaces while promoting environmental sustainability.

Types of Solar Powered Pool Skimmers

Solar pool skimmers come in various types and are known by many names, including solar pool cleaner, solar powered pool cleaner, pool skimmer robot, robotic pool skimmers, and floating pool cleaners. Among the popular choices on the market are the Instapark Betta Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner, Ariel Automatic Pool Cleaner Robot, Solar-Breeze NX2, and SolaSkimmer – all of which can be considered as a type of robotic pool skimmer.

The Solar Breeze Betta SE Automatic Robot Solar Pool Skimmer is designed for efficient cleaning and is suitable for large pool areas. It comes equipped with:

  • Filters capable of capturing particles as small as 200 microns
  • Wireless remote control
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Ultrasonic radar sensors

These features make it a top choice among pool owners for maintaining their entire pool, including the pool length, in swimming pools.

How Solar Powered Pool Skimmers Work

Solar powered pool skimmers, like the Betta SE, are equipped with the following features:

  • Solar panels that convert sunlight directly into electrical energy to power the device
  • Some models also include a rechargeable battery for extended use, ensuring that your pool remains clean even when sunlight is scarce
  • These skimmers work by navigating through the pool, collecting debris that floats on the surface
  • The collected debris is then stored in a tray for easy removal.

However, keep in mind that windy conditions can potentially impede the operational efficiency of solar powered pool skimmers. Despite this, they still offer a more efficient and effective way to keep your pool clean compared to traditional manual skimming.

Solar Panel Efficiency

The efficiency of the solar panels is crucial for the optimal performance of solar powered pool skimmers. The built-in solar panels on the Betta SE, for instance, convert sunlight directly into electrical energy, which powers the skimmer. These panels also charge the built-in high capacity lithium batteries, eliminating the need for an external power source.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the skimmer is important for efficient energy capture. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Clean the solar panels regularly to remove any dirt or debris that may block sunlight.
  2. Position the skimmer in an area that receives optimal sun exposure throughout the day.
  3. Check the battery lifespan and consider replacing it every two to three years, or as needed.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your skimmer operates at its best and continues to collect energy efficiently.

Debris Collection and Filtering

Solar-powered pool cleaners have proven their effectiveness in debris collection, with the ability to eradicate over 95% of all dirt and floating debris from the pool surface. They are equipped with fine mesh filters and oversized collection chambers that capture and hold both large and micro-sized debris such as leaves, pollen, dust, and hair. This prevents decay and bacterial growth in the pool, ensuring a cleaner and healthier swimming environment.

The Betta SE solar powered pool skimmer can:

  • Remove debris, including leaves, pollen, dust, dirt, and hair as small as 200 microns, ensuring a cleaner pool surface
  • Clear away debris that is not even visible to the naked eye, thanks to its fine mesh filter
  • Maintain cleaning efficiency by regularly emptying the filter basket

Easy Maintenance and Operation

Solar-powered pool skimmers like the Betta SE and Solar Breeze Ariel offer significant advantages, including:

  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • Automatic cleaning schedules (can be programmed)
  • Independent, automated cleaning capabilities (Betta SE)
  • Easy-to-access slide-and-glide tray for simple debris removal (Betta SE)
  • Battery lifespan of up to 1,000 cycles (Betta SE)

These features demonstrate both ease of use and long-term durability, making it a durable corrosion resistant surface.

These skimmers require minimal ongoing maintenance, are user-friendly, and are constructed to endure prolonged exposure to pool chemicals and sunlight. For the Betta SE, cleaning is a breeze as the debris basket only needs a light spray with a garden hose. Even if the steel mesh filter of the Better SE gets stained, it can be cleaned with a Calcium Lime Rust cleaner, highlighting simple maintenance even for stubborn residue.

Storing the Betta SE in a dry, flat area with a partial battery charge can help maintain its efficiency.

Cordless Design

The cordless design of solar powered pool skimmers like the Betta SE offers several benefits:

  • Simplifies pool cleaning by eliminating the need for power cords
  • Contributes to an uncluttered pool area
  • Reduces tripping hazards, making your pool area safer for everyone.

The Solar Breeze Ariel pairs its cordless design with user-friendly features like an ergonomic handle and a slide-out debris tray, making maintenance convenient. These features make the solar powered pool skimmers a practical and convenient solution for pool cleaning.

Remote Control Functionality

Many models of solar-powered pool cleaners feature remote control functionality and smart auto clean technology, further simplifying pool maintenance by removing the need for manual skimming. The Skimbot, for instance, is notable for its advanced solar technology and the capability for users to control it via a smartphone or tablet.

The Betta SE comes with a wireless remote control, making it possible for users to easily switch from automatic to manual cleaning modes. With its remote control, the Betta SE allows owners to navigate the pool skimmer without cords, facilitating the targeting of specific areas for debris removal.

Comparing Solar Powered Pool Skimmers: Ariel vs. Betta SE

Comparing aspects such as performance, efficiency, durability, and UV resistance of popular models can guide users in making an informed decision about which solar powered pool skimmer to choose. Two such popular models are the Ariel and Betta SE.

Customers appreciate that the Betta SE solar powered pool skimmer makes the pool surface debris-free and has a long-lasting battery. However, to achieve optimal functionality, some customers found it necessary to add weight to the front of the Betta SE. Opinions are mixed regarding the stability of the Betta SE solar powered pool skimmer, indicating some concerns among users.

Performance and Efficiency

Both the Ariel and Betta SE solar powered pool skimmers are known for their efficient debris removal and cleaning capabilities. The Betta SE, for instance, is designed to address challenges such as removing Crepe Myrtle and Chinese Privet debris, which are known to be a pain for pool skimming. Its twin Salt Chlorine Tolerant (SCT) Motors facilitate the automatic removal of debris including leaves, dust, and insects, enhancing cleaning performance.

The Betta SE offers the following benefits:

  • Eliminates the need for manual skimming
  • Effectively handles wind-blown debris and materials shed from nearby trees
  • Works 24/7 to maintain a clean pool surface
  • Consistently removes small debris and bugs

Customers report high satisfaction with the Betta SE’s performance.

Durability and UV Resistance

When comparing solar powered pool skimmers, durability and UV resistance are key factors to take into account. Both Ariel and Betta SE feature UV resistant bodies for prolonged sun exposure. The Betta SE, for instance, is equipped with a UV resistant body to ensure longevity and durability under prolonged sun exposure.

The Solar Breeze Ariel, on the other hand, features a durable and waterproof design, suggesting it is resistant to both corrosion and UV degradation. These features make both Ariel and Betta SE durable options that can withstand the harsh conditions of a swimming pool environment.

Tips for Maximizing Your Solar Powered Pool Skimmer’s Performance

Following certain guidelines can help users maximize the performance of their solar powered pool skimmer. These include ensuring proper placement of the skimmer in the pool, regular maintenance of the device, and following tips for optimal operation. For instance, avoid using the skimmer in windy conditions as they can impede the skimmer’s movement.

Following these guidelines can ensure optimal operation of solar-powered pool skimmers, maintaining a clean and sparkling pool.

Proper Placement

Positioning the solar powered pool skimmer in areas with consistent sunlight enhances battery charging and operational efficiency. This placement is especially crucial during winter months when the sunlight is weaker.

Therefore, when setting up your solar powered pool skimmer, ensure that it is placed in parts of the pool that receive consistent sunlight throughout the day. This will help to maintain battery charge and operational efficiency of the skimmer.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to preserving the condition and performance of your solar powered pool skimmer. This includes emptying and rinsing the debris tray at least twice per month during regular use.

Regularly maintaining your solar powered pool skimmer is important for optimal performance. Here are some maintenance tips to follow:

  1. Hose off the filter basket and propeller regularly to remove debris.
  2. Wipe down the solar panel to ensure maximum energy capture.
  3. For stubborn residue on the steel mesh filter, apply a Calcium Lime Rust (CLR) cleaner. By following these maintenance tips, you can extend the lifespan and efficiency of your solar powered pool skimmer.


In conclusion, solar powered pool skimmers represent a significant advancement in pool cleaning technology. They offer an efficient, eco-friendly alternative to traditional pool cleaning methods, reducing the need for manual skimming and saving both time and money.

Whether you choose the Betta SE, Solar Breeze Ariel, or another model, you are investing in the future of pool maintenance. By following the tips and guidelines in this blog post, you can maximize the performance of your solar powered pool skimmer and enjoy a consistently clean and healthy pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a solar powered pool skimmer in an above ground pool?

Yes, skimmers are can be used in any pool. The slow and gentle movement ensures that there is no significant impact and are suitable for any pool frame.

Are robotic pool skimmers worth it?

Robotic pool skimmers are worth it because they save time, are efficient in cleaning, and can handle various debris, making pool maintenance easier and more convenient.

Do I leave solar powered pool skimmers on 24/7?

Yes, solar powered pool skimmers are designed to operate continuously in the pool and perform pool cleaning functions 24/7. The device is equipped with a solar panel that recharges automatically when exposed to direct sunlight.